Some Solo Piano

Here's another excerpt from Studio in the Sky, scored for solo felted piano. It underscores one of the most emotionally intense scenes in the film. Head over to the Work page to hear more from the score.

Shawn P. Russell
Nice Shoes...

This was written a while back for a high end shoe lifestyle ad. Client loved the music but unfortunately the company decided to go in a different direction with marketing so I had this little ditty sitting around all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Shawn P. Russell
The Dream Keeper

Excited that after a long time, this record has been finally released on Mode Records. I've been lucky enough to be involved with many of the musicians on the album for greater than a decade, working with live, improvised jazz and poetry, led by my friend and fabulous guitarist Larry Simon. 

I've also been blessed to share the stage with David Amram on more than one occasion and having the opportunity to record an album with him was a rich and memorable experience. And of course the powerful and dynamic performance of Eric Mingus begs to be heard, as he renders Langston Hughes' poetry masterfully. Langston Hughes' poetry remains crucial and timely as ever, and I'm happy I was able to sprinkle some percussion around it. 

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Shawn P. Russell
Studio in the Sky Trailer

The story of Michael Richards, a remarkable African-American sculptor, is in its early stages of development, and I've signed on to write the score with my long time collaborator Ron Passaro. The trailer is scored by me, and functioned as an audition of sorts. Glad we landed the gig and are looking forward to seeing the whole film.

Shawn P. Russell