About Shawn

Shawn P. Russell is a Brooklyn-based composer, musician and producer.

Bringing together knowledge of the orchestral tradition, jazz, a wide variety of ethnic styles, and the electronic music scene, Shawn is a unique contemporary voice, well equipped to take on the challenges of the new musical landscape. Whether writing to picture, remixing, performing or recording, Shawn weaves together seemingly disparate influences to form a distinct voice. 

Shawn's music has been seen on HBO, CBS, FOX, BBC One, MTV, VH1, Investigation Discovery, History Channel, Paramount Network, Discovery, Bravo, NBC Universo, Travel Channel, Golf Channel and more. He has performed with a diverse roster of artists, including David Amram, Eric Mingus, Iyeoka Okoawo, Rosco Gordon, Bob Dorough and Robert Pinsky.

Shawn is currently scoring the documentary Studio in the Sky, the story of Michael Richards, a remarkable African-American sculptor who passed away in 9/11.